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Laurel Burch

Dec 31, 1945 – Sep 13, 2007

Before her passing, Laurel and her daughter, Aarin Burch, began collaborating on a film project documenting the journey, life, and art of Laurel Burch.

On August 29th, 2007, Laurel said “No one else could possibly create such a legacy when I am not any longer of this earth. The time to open my innermost life and world has come, and Aarin is the one who can so beautifully capture and preserve it as a piece of her own legacy.

Please join us in bringing Laurel’s vision to life. Contributions are being accepted for the Laurel Burch Film Project. Your gift is warmly appreciated.

You may donate by PayPal or by check. To donate by check, please mail to: The Laurel Burch Film Project, P.O. Box 8694, Emeryville, CA  94662



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